Creative Writing

Go to Sleep, Alma (flash fiction) in Hispanecdotes

Florists at the End of the World (micro fiction) in Hobart After Dark

Unknown (flash fiction) in Mixed Mag

TV Time: The One Where I Ugly Cry (creative non fiction) in Reckon Review

Sing With Me (flash fiction) in Reckon Review

Arroz Con Leche (prose poem) in Okay Donkey (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

This is a Sign, Right? (flash fiction) in Nurture, a Literary Journal (Nominated for Best Small Fictions)

Bromelia (short story) in Strange Horizons

Micheladas (flash fiction) in Reflex Press (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

Velcro Shoes (prose poem) in Lost Balloon (Selected for Best Microfiction 2021)

Lily (flash fiction) in Hispanecdotes (Nominated for Best of the Net 2020)

Witness Mami Roar (personal essay) in Longreads

Two Dollar Bills Are Good Luck (personal essay) in So to Speak Journal

El Sol (flash fiction) in Newtown Literary

Libertad (short story) in Acentos Review

Sunday’s at la Carniceria (flash fiction) in Huizache Magazine

Reyna (flash fiction) in Hispanecdotes

La Dama (flash fiction) in Hispanecdotes

La Campana (flash fiction) in Everyday Fiction